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{Just in: 4 Brand New 2018 Komatsu Mini Excavators; 3 x PC35MR5, 1 x PC88MR10 }


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  • The Yanmar C50R All-Terrain Carrier is a workhorse, especially under extreme conditions where ordinary trucks can not operate.
  • The C50R-C, with its unique revolving operator's seat, offers versatility no ordinary truck can match.
  • The C50R high flotation capability, associated with low ground pressure, allows productive operation in wet muddy conditions and minimizes disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas.
  • The C50R is ideal for use on: Steep slopes. Sand. Snow. Soft and swampy areas.
  • Width of 8 feet-8 inches.
  • Length of 14 feet-11 inches.
  • Height of 8 feet-9 inches.
  • Weight of 11,660 lbs.
  • Maximum Payload of 8,380 lbs.
  • 22 gallon diesel fuel tank.
  • 2 CY body, 3 CY capacity heaped.
  • 4.5 PSI ground pressure, loaded.
  • Open ROPS cab.
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