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We appreciate your business. Just in: Komatsu PC88mr-10, Komatsu PC55mr-5, Vermeer 6 Chipper, Bomag BMP-8500 Remote Control Trench Roller and Kubota SVL75-2 Skidsteer

“Auction Time, A Success Story 2.0 plus Tips”

Dominic’s Equipment is a privately owned independent rental company. Dominic’s Equipment is a member of the American Rental Association, as well as the Pennsylvania American Rental Association. Dominic’s Equipment is centrally located on Route 309 in Beaumont, PA. Our goal is to serve our community with competitively priced and well maintained equipment that can be seen in our showroom, on the rental homepage and on Sandhill Publishing’s,  and

Dominic's Equipment is also committed to providing the best auction services for the lowest costs. Traditionally, for auction equipment you have to pay to transport the equipment to an auction site where they nickel and dime you for fuel expenses, inspections cost, and other miscellaneous costs. On top of those fees, you have to pay 10-12% commissions and the buyers pay a commission which typically keeps the bids low. Overall you may pay up to 20% or more of the sales price. Here at Dominic's Equipment, we provide a unique service geared toward getting you the best results for the lowest fees. You no longer have to transport your equipment to a physical auction site or pay the high commission rates other auction companies charge. Dominic’s Equipment Auctions are hosted by

Dominic’s Equipment will take photos, video, documentation and inspect the consignment items. Then it goes onto our auction homepage and to be viewed in a weekly paper magazine, digital online magazine, and featured on top of search results within the Sandhill’s websites that can be viewed worldwide. After the item(s) have sold, Dominic’s will handle the wire transfers and payments to grant you complete peace of mind.

Dominic’s Equipment was consigned to auction (17) construction assets by Leiser’s Rental of Bethlehem, PA 18020.  Leiser’s Rentals started doing business with Dominic’s Equipment back in the Spring of 2013 with (3) other construction rental assets that went to The owner, Rob Uliana, was very pleased with extra revenue the auction provided for him and how easy the process was. This lead to great things for the next round of consignment items. Leiser’s Rentals is transitioning from construction to party rentals and consigned (17) more construction assets to Dominic’s Equipment to sell for them in the March 18, 2015 auction. All (17) construction assets were uploaded to before listing on and Dominic’s was able to sell one asset before it ever went to auction! 

Here are some key ingredients in Dominic’s “secret sauce” to selling equipment:

Like most of you, the staff at Dominic’s Equipment are always looking for new assets to purchase either for rental use or re-sale. We look at many ads that leave us asking more questions than we originally set out with when we clicked on the ad. Its usually one fuzzy picture or several skewed pictures that don’t really show much of anything; 9 times out of 10 there is NO video or just a bad one, too brief or inaccurate descriptions; missing key information like model year and hours. This is just not the way to sell an asset! When Dominic’s Equipment advertises an asset, or consignment item, for sale we like to put ourselves in the buyer’s shoes and ask ourselves all the questions we’d like the answers to when we look at a potential purchase. We take an average of (20) pictures per item, at least (1) operational video, and have a solid description that does not leave out any of the key items. 

Pictures, we like to do a (13) count walk around. 1, feature close up for the main ad; 2, RF corner; 3, Right side; 4, RR corner; 5, Rear; 6, LR corner; 7, Left side; 8, LF corner; 9, Front; 10, inside cab; 11, operators seat; 12, hour meter, and lastly 13, the VIN plate. The rest of the pictures will capture the undercarriage or tires and any specialty features the item offers. The old adage is so true, a picture really is a worth a thousand words. Especially when the average buyer doesn’t fully read the ad, at least they can see a picture about the item or its special feature(s).

Video(s), we find that so many questions can and usual are answered by a good video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless! Average video length should be 30 seconds long but no longer than a minute. Face it, we all have a short attention spans! If we don’t like what we see in 30 seconds or LESS, we’re moving on. Make the video count. Limit background noise so the true item can be heard. Please avoid music, if I want to hear a song I’ll play the radio. Stand back far enough to get the item in shot but not too far back that you can’t really see the item. In our videos we like to do a cold start, a walk around, and an operational video. 

Descriptions, this is the key to an items success! So many construction items have models that span several years and some a decade! As a buyer, does it matter if you are about to purchase something from the late 1970’s versus the mid to late 1990’s or newer? You bet it does! So as a seller why not give the buyer the information they need? We always list the year, exact model (yes, all those letters, dashes and numbers all mean something valuable), current hours, undercarriage condition/tire wear, key features and options, and one item we just started to add are the approx. shipping dimensions and weight that can be used on to get shipping estimates. We figure the potential buyer is going to ask for it all anyway, so why not give it all to them up front. I mentioned above we take a picture of the VIN plate. Listing the VIN in the description helps clear up any potential questions about the item. The buyer can use it to research the item to its fullest detail just in case we missed anything. If you are leaving something out of the description, you’re leaving money on the table.

We used ALL these key items with Leiser’s Rentals consignment items.  
“I first met the Dominic’s team at an ARA (American Rental Association) Show lunch in 2012, as I discussed my equipment selling woes the team suggested trying out their consignment service and selling the equipment on Auction Time.  I had 2 pieces that I was having trouble moving, a Rayco mini dozer and Ring-o-matic hydro excavation system.  Dominic’s Equipment was able to get the items sold quickly and for a combined $10,000 more than I was trying to sell them privately for.  When it came time to liquidate a large portion of my inventory this Spring, Dominic’s was the obvious choice.  They moved 18 pieces for us in the March-18-2015 auction. They handled the spec sheets, pictures, and videos to bring in top dollar.  The national recognition and reasonable fees will keep us using the team at Dominic's for all of needs when selling off our used fleet,”
Rob Uliana, Vice President of Leiser's Rentals in Bethlehem PA.

Through good item representation as a consignment group we exceeded the market average price by 3% and handed Rob a check for over $150,000!!! So is it all worth it? I think I just answered that question. Call Our Sales Team at (570) 639-1986 to get started today!