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{Just in: 4 Brand New 2018 Komatsu Mini Excavators; 3 x PC35MR5, 1 x PC88MR10 }

The average wood burning house of 2200ft2 uses approximately 6 cords of wood (pending on numerous variables such as insulation, ambient temperature, desired temperature, wood burner, etc). Hooked up to a New Holland C238 track skid steer, this processing unit is ready to tackle your winter wood need at 1.5 – 2+ cords of wood AN HOUR. Would you like climate control, a radio, and more safety? The attachment has an auto oiler feature for the chain. Since you finished your winter needs in a day, why not do next winters and let the wood age a bit? Save yourself free time next season, age your firewood to allow it to burn more effectively, and stay ahead with time to spare.

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“You can keep cutting and splitting the old fashion way, OR you can experience wood processing at its BEST! The fast and efficient HALVERSON HWP-140HD”